US. Department of Justice


According to Gates, in March 2016, Manafort traveled to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in
Florida to meet with Trump. Trump hired him at that time.877 Manafort agreed to work on the
Campaign without pay. Manafort had no meaningful income at this point in time, but resuscitating
his domestic political campaign career could be financially beneficial in the future. Gates reported
that Manafort intended, if Trump won the Presidency, to remain outside the Administration and
monetize his relationship with the Administration.878

ii. Paul Manafort’s Campaign—Period Contacts

Immediately upon joining the Campaign, Manafort directed Gates to prepare for his review
separate memoranda addressed to Deripaska, Akhmetov, Serhiy Lyovochkin, and Boris
Kolesnikov,879 the last three being Ukrainian oligarchs who were senior Opposition Bloc
officials.880 The memoranda described Manafort’s appointment to the Trump Campaign and
indicated his willingness to consult on Ukrainian politics in the future. On March 30, 2016, Gates
emailed the memoranda and a press release announcing Manafort’s appointment to Kilimnik for
translation and dissemination.881 Manafort later followed up with Kilimnik to ensure his messages
had been delivered, emailing on April 11, 2016 to ask Whether Kilimnik had shown “our friends”
the media coverage of his new role.882 Kilimnik replied, “Absolutely. Every article.” Manafort
further asked: “How do we use to get whole. Has Ovd [Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska] operation
seen?” Kilimnik wrote back the same day, “Yes, I have been sending everything to Victor
[Boyarkin, Deripaska’s deputy], who has been forwarding the coverage directly to OVD.”883

Gates reported that Manafort said that being hired on the Campaign would be “good for
business” and increase the likelihood that Manafort would be paid the approximately $2 million
he was owed for previous political consulting work in Ukraine.884 Gates also explained to the
Office that Manafort thought his role on the Campaign could help “confirm” that Deripaska had
dropped the Pericles lawsuit, and that Gates believed Manafort sent polling data to Deripaska (as

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