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A view from the cliffs of Gros Morne National Park.
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Narwhals & eagles & polar bears, Oh my! Canada's sweeping frigid landscapes extend from the northern border of the USA the way to the Northwest Passage & Baffin Island in the Arctic province of Nunavut, approaching the North Pole. From the Atlantic, you can access Newfoundland and Labrador, where you can get to know the windswept landscapes, native people, and Viking history of eastern Canada. Explore Quebec like never before, as you navigate along the Mighty St. Lawrence River, or explore British Colombia in the southwest of Canada which borders Alaska. No matter where you decide to go, contact one of our Canada travel experts for a custom made itinerary of the best of Canada.

10 Best Canada Cruises & Tours
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Charming Quebec City
Mighty Saint Lawrence
11 Days from $3,595
This 11-day St. Lawrence cruise on the Ocean Endeavor offers the perfect combination of wildlife viewing & cultural exploration as you venture into a region noted for its mix of different cultural backgrounds. The St. Lawrence River offers exclusive opportunities for sailing, photography, birdwatching, and whale spotting.
The Chilko Experience
Chilko Experience Wilderness Lodge
4-8 Days from $4,543
If George Vanderbilt, founder of the Biltmore Estate, and John Muir, America’s leading naturalist who inspired the US national park system, collaborated to build the ultimate luxury/nature experience for their friends and family, it would be the Chilko Experience.
Skyline of Manhattan with Empire State Building
East Coast of North America from Quebec
Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale
17 Days from $7,290
Live the American dream! With humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins and osprey, common eider and Atlantic puffins as your traveling companions, you will never feel alone on this trip. From biting the big apple in the city that never sleeps to stepping back in time and enjoying the antebellum age, this is a journey of superlatives.
A stone house off the coast of Canada
Atlantic Canada Explorer
12 Days from $3,995
Springtime on Canada’s east coast is a time of bloom and bounty. Explore highlights of Sable Island, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Saint-Pierre—expedition style!
Beautiful artic mountains at sunset.
Greenland & Wild Labrador
15 Days from $4,995
The splendor of Greenland meets the charm of Newfoundland on this 15-day cruise beginning in Sondre Stromfjord in Greenland, then through northern Canadian, exploring French, Basque, and Viking influences. Visit four distinct Canadian National Parks, awe-inspiring landscapes & gain a deep understanding of the cultural connections to the land.
Kayaking by the iceberg
Greenland, Newfoundland & St. Lawrence
15 Days from $10,250
Come aboard Le Champlain for an exceptional 15-day circuit from Reykjavik to Quebec. Delight yourself with incredible diversity while you sail between the magical Greenland ice and the sublime forests of Canada. Start in the city of Reykjavik and travel all the way to the charming city of Quebec.
Viking settlement, Anse-aux-Meadows
Newfoundland Circumnavigation
11 Days from $3,995
Join this 11-day autumn sailing, ideally timed for viewing spectacular fall colours and taking advantage of excellent hiking opportunities. The rugged charm and geographic diversity of Newfoundland and Labrador are best appreciated by ship. Starting and ending in historic St. John's, experience Newfoundland's lively culture and dramatic scenery with daily expedition stops and community visits.
Narwhal diving under floe edge
Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari
7 Days from $10,685
Experience the classic spring floe edge and view polar bears, narwhal, and icebergs under the Midnight Sun. Travel to the northern reaches of Baffin Island where the sea ice meets the open water, and marine mammals and other wildlife congregate at the floe edge also known as the “line of life”.
Sea kayak with beluga whales during your stay at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge
Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge
10 Days from $10,295
Experience the wild Arctic tundra on this 10-day Arctic tour! View shy beluga whales, muskox, and polar bears as you explore the Arctic via raft, kayak, and ATV. Abundant in adventure, this tour delights and thrills travelers time and time again.
Polar bear and cub
Polar Bear Migration Fly-in Photo Safari
7 Days from $7,940
Get as close to polar bears in the wild as possible so that you can literally walk with them in their natural environment. Join this 7-day expedition, considered one of the best polar bear tours. Follow the path that polar bears take when they migrate in search of the first sea ice to form on the bay.
Favorite Destinations in Canada
Polar Bear in the Arctic
Baffin Island
Witness the stunning Aurora Borealis.
British Columbia
Scenic Labrador
Newfoundland & Labrador
Herd of Arctic reindeer
Northwest Passage
Luxury Tours of Canada
Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Chilko Experience Wilderness Lodge$45434-8RelaxedIf George Vanderbilt, founder of the Biltmore Estate, and John Muir, America’s leading naturalist who inspired the US national park system,
East Coast of North America from Quebec$729017RelaxedLive the American dream! With humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins and osprey, common eider and Atlantic puffins as your traveling companions, you
Greenland, Newfoundland & St. Lawrence$1025015RelaxedCome aboard Le Champlain for an exceptional 15-day circuit from Reykjavik to Quebec. Delight yourself with incredible diversity while you sail
Greenland & Canadian Arctic$1053015RelaxedWith key excursions including Zodiac cruises looking for walrus and polar bear, this is an armchair explorers dream. Sail through the Forever Fjord
Art and Wildlife of the Arctic$390016RelaxedJoin the Silver Cloud on a spectacular 16-day sailing expedition and experience the cultures, art, and wildlife of the magical Arctic while you
Following the Route of the Norse$1080016RelaxedJourney to follow the route of the Norse as they explored the rugged coasts of Iceland, Greenland and North America. Heading first to East Greenland
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The magnificant Ocean Endeavour
Small Ship Cruises
Walking through vast arctic landscapes.
Land Based Tours
Getting ready to kayak near a glacier
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A view from the cliffs of Gros Morne National Park.
Luxury Cruises & Tours
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Yukon Canada taiga wilderness and McQuesten River
Canada Overview
Travelers sometimes overlook that they can experience the Arctic conveniently in our neighboring Canada. The vastness of this country results in a beautifully diverse landscape, a variety of wildlife, interesting history, and many different cultural characteristics. With so much to offer, it is a great destination for all types of travelers!
With 10 diverse provinces and three northern territories, this country on top of the world has fascinating human culture & history and even more fascinating wilderness and wildlife. A trip through the wild and wonderful Canadian countryside might acquaint you with opportunities to:

Watch wildlife. As you navigate the ice fields or trek across the landscape, you could see breaching blue whales, beluga whales, snow white polar bears, seals, and a stunning variety of birds.
Dive in the biodiversity of the Baffin Sea, where polar bears, narwhals, jellyfish, and other spooky underwater creatures haunt the submarine icebergs.
Explore the vast landscapes on ATVs.
Paddle around beautiful inlets on kayaks and explore magnificent fjords of Newfoundland and Labrador via motorized dinghies.

The beauty of the Aurora Borealis.
Mystery of Franklin Expedition Ship Solved!
One of Canada's greatest mysteries has now been solved! On September 7, 2014, one of the lost ships from Sir John Franklin's doomed Arctic expedition was found. Learn more about this intriguing discovery.
Atop the Kapitan Khlebnikov
Return of a Legend
The Kapitan Khlebnikov is back in action! This renowned ice breaker vessel is able to reach remote polar regions that are inaccessible to most other passenger expedition ships. This means access to places rarely explored by tourists. Perhaps it will provide the perfect way for you to explore the Arctic.
Sight-seeing in the arctic.
Arctic Cruise: When to Go?
Though the austere Arctic landscape is often imagined to be a cold white wasteland, the brief months of summer see the flora blossoming and the fauna emerging from their long winter dormancy. Find out the best time to visit the Arctic based on your interests and expectations.
Le Soleal
Adventure cruising goes luxury
Small ship cruising has often been characterized by rugged, expedition-style vessels. Operators have recognized their ability to offer creature comforts and luxury while still providing the same adventures as expedition trips. Discover how you can have the best of both worlds on a luxury small ship cruise!
Polar bear balances on the ice in the Arctic
Wildlife Guide to Polar Regions
Which Polar region is home to penguins? Or how about those elusive narwhals? Before your travels, it will be helpful to learn more about the different species that inhabit the Polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctica. You may be surprised to learn the differences!
Getting to various destinations in Canada:
Our expeditions to Canada visit both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, travel through the glaciated Arctic tundras, and even weather the famed Northwest Passage. So how do you know where to begin your trip? We can help you figure that out, but here are some starters to help you plan... If you are traveling to

Nunavut and ​Baffin Island, you will normally fly to Ottawa and transfer to your final destination on a domestic Canadian flight.
British Columbia, you can either take the train from other destinations in Canada or fly directly into the Victoria International Airport.
Newfoundland & Labrador (Sable Island, Torngat Mountains), you can fly directly into St. John's International Airport. If you are already in Nova Scotia on another Canada tour, you can catch a ferry straight to Newfoundland to enjoy a bit more of the scenery.
Northwest Passage, you will either start in Greenland, Nunavut, or Ottawa, all of which have international airports.
St. Lawrence River, you'll start in Quebec and transfer to your boat for the start of your river cruise of this mighty waterway.

Cruise Beyond Canada

Many of our cruises visiting Canada visit other coutries as well.

Several Alaskan small ship cruises begin in British Colombia before cruising north to Alaska's Inner Passage such as the "In the Wake of the Pioneers', or A Remarkable Journey From British Colombia, Alaska & Haida Gwaii.

The Arctic Ocean has been a major international shipping route for centuries connecting the Pacific Ocean with the North Atlantic via the Northwest Passage.

Many cruises include Canada's Baffin Island with Greenland, and some cruises also include Iceland and Norway.
Real Canadian Travel Stories & Reviews
All Canada Travel Stories
Torngat Mountains National Park
My Newfoundland and Wild Labrador Cruise
Zodiac to Sea Adventurer
Mother-Daughter Arctic Cruise
Canada Travel FAQs
Do I need a visa to travel to Canada?
US citizens only need a valid US passport to travel to Canada. While a visa is not required for most other countries, you will need to visit to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization, which costs CA$7.

Is tipping customary in Canada?
Tipping between 15-20% on restaurant bills and giving taxi drivers and other service workers a small tip is a cultural expectation in Canada. It is a courteous way to show gratitude and helps supplement what are frequently very low wages (which is how Canada keep prices lower). We always leave the decision of how much to tip (if at all) up to the individual travelers, but it is a cultural norm in Canada.

What is the internet access like in Canada?
If you're in cities and towns, you will probably have good access to fast, wireless internet. Many of our Canada expeditions do visit some of the more remote regions of the Arctic, and in these areas and while cruising, it is possible that you will not have internet for several days while we are out of range. Otherwise, Canada's internet is reliable.

Can I use my cell phone while in Canada?
Check with your operator if you have activated mobile roaming for Canada on your phone before leaving home. You will get good cellular coverage in cities and throughout most of southern Canada. However, since most of our itineraries venture into the depths of Canada's remote wilderness and Arctic regions, far from any cell towers, it's likely that you will not have service for some or most of your trip.

Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
Canada has 110V power with the same sockets as those in the United States. If you are traveling from another part of the world, you will need a power adapter/ converter to use the outlets.

What are the toilets like in Canada?
You will find standard flush toilets throughout most of Canada.

Approximately what will it cost for (in USD):
Public transportation - $1.70
Coffee - $1.28
Dinner - $15.00
Takeout food - $4.00

Can I drink the water in Canada?
Yes, you can drink tap water in Canada. Try to be environmentally friendly by re-filling your water bottle rather than buying new plastic ones.

What is the most common way of paying for things in Canada?
Canada has the Canadian Dollar, which normallly trades less than the US dollar. You will be able to pay with your credit card in almost all businesses in the major cities and tourist destinations, and ATM access is pretty easy. You should still have some cash on hand for smaller purchases.

Should I purchase travel insurance for my trip?
You should always purchase travel insurance! We have more information on one of our recommended providers here.
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